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White Oaks Hotel – Our trip to White Oaks Spa started with a tour of the location by our host. The grounds are beautiful, chic and well decorated. It truly is a full service, all in hotel with everything you need – no need to leave the hotel until you’re ready to take a tour of the wineries.

White Oaks Spa – I was pleasantly surprised by the personalized service given to all customers who entered into the White Oaks Spa. Customer service was outstanding. I had the advantage of seating in the lounge while JEN was getting a treatment and all the ladies who entered, were glowing with positive feedback on their various treatments. Although my message treatment was on the average side (I’m a tough customer, due to experiencing a lot of spa’s around the world AND my bed started off cold…), regardless, my therapist was informative, pleasant and very accommodating to all my needs.

My Hydrating facial was the favorite out of the two services (my bed started off warm…awww bliss). My therapist was exceptionally experienced and her every hand move put me into a calm state. She started off by cleaning my face with a Honey Cleanser, which was rich and warm to the touch and made my face instantly soft. This product is now on my facial cleaning favorites list (iS Cosmeceuticals Warming Honey Cleanser). Small attention to details were performed in between applying products, such as a hand message while my mask was on, this also helped created a smoothly treatment. All of the products were infuses with lemongrass, grapefruits, honey, lavender, etc. YUM! Overall, my facial was a good experience and I recommend the IS clinic products.

Mar’s tip: Make it a weekend at White Oaks Spa. So much to explore, you can’t get it all in, in one day! Jen and I will be sure to go back and explore other spas in the area. Can’t wait!

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