The Spa at the Palms review by Mar


Luxury at it’s best!

Overall Experience

You will be hard pressed to find another spa that offers a better luxury experience such as the one here at The Palm’s Spa. As you pass through the beautifully decorated change rooms, the lounge area transports you to an oasis, where flower peddles float in a pool by your feet, sounds of tranquility from the water fountain surround you, the palms tree sway in the warm breeze, your lounge bed sits under draping curtains and the view is picture perfect. After relaxing to what was a peaceful nap, you are then greeted by your massage therapist who leads you to your own personalize treatment room.

As you enter your personalize treatment room, you notice the rooms are beautifully decorated with local flowers and smells of fresh herbal aroma. For the next 1-2 hours you relax, overlooking a tranquil pond – just heaven!

My treatment was a citrus scrub and light massage; my therapist was very attentive and thorough. The scrub and the massages left my body feeling well relaxed and smooth. It was truly sad that this experience had to come to an end. Aside from the extremely high price for the treatment, which is expected at a luxury spa, it was truly one of the best experiences I had at a destination spa. Enjoy this slice of heaven.

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Mar’s tip: Book in extra time at the end of your service to relax on the lounge chairs and read their local magazines to completely immerse yourself with all Turks and Caicos has to offer.

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