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Pure + Simple carries their own line of skincare products that are natural and organic. They are facial specialist and this is there focus.

Their philosophy for skincare is based on Ayurveda a 5000 year old system of natural healing that originates from India. Ayurveda has three elements that make up the “doshas” called Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and states that a balance of the doshas results in optimal health.

I’m told I’m predominately Vata with some Pitta, the on-line quiz I took later confirms it. My Vata characteristics are: Mind: Creative, quick, imaginative Body: Thin, light frame Skin: Dry Hair: Dry Routine: Variable, spontaneous Temperament: Welcomes new experiences, excitable, friendly, energetic.

How does all this affect my skincare? Using the right products, eating the right foods and lifestyle recommendations all help to keep me and my skin balanced and happy.

I’m booked for a Super Hydrating Facial with Mila. The products she chooses for my dry sensitive skin are creamy and smell natural without added perfumes. The facial includes cleansing, steaming, extractions and a scalp massage. Then a skin restoration mask is applied to plump my skin. She gently uses a special treatment for my eyes and décolleté area. She adds a lavender scented oxygen boost, which I really liked. I’m left feeling relaxed and my skin actually does feel plump! A nice bonus is they give you samples of the products used during the facial to try at home.

Using organic products has not worked well for me in the past, irritating my sensitive skin and making it red, but this team seems to understand which products work for my Vata type.

Jen’s tip: The thing that makes Pure + Simple stand out from other spas is their own natural skincare products along with the staff that knows how to recommend the right ones to use for individual needs.

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