Ici Paris

Toronto, ON

Body Care, Massage, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Removal, Men Care, Packages

Ici Paris has been at the forefront of scientific advances in natural skin care therapies for 40 years. From it’s beginnning in 1976, Ici Paris has continually sought out and applied the latest innovative techniques and advanced holistic therapies while never loosing sight of its basic philosophy of providing customers with the highest quality skin treatments, products and stress escapes.


Jen’s Review

Ici Paris
Ici Paris review by Jen- Ici Paris has a wide selection of great services, I was there to try the Fire and Ice Treatment. It really packs a beauty punch beginning with microdermabrasion....

Mar’s Review

Ici Paris
Ici Paris review by Mar- This is truly my favorite spa so far in Toronto! Ici Paris’ quality product selections are beyond no other I’ve seen - I call the selection “the wall of skin care fame”. The lovely ladies....

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  • Ici Paris Skin Care Clinic & Spa WaySpa Review by Veronica: 0.0 out of 10
    When I decided to get rid of excess hair I did my research and found Ici Paris skin care clinic to be among most reputable in the field. My laser technician was Lia. First, I had a deep and extensive consultation with her. She then performed the treatment in highly professional manner, I was very comfortable and very pleased with the results. The most advanced technology was used to treat my condition. The entire atmosphere of clinic was very relaxing and pleasant. The staff is amazing, warm and caring. Front desk were very enthusiastic, professional and helpful even at the more
    Source: WaySpa Reviews: Ici Paris, TorontoPublished on 2019-03-14
  • Neighbourhood facial
    ICI Paris ICI Paris is only two blocks from my house, yet I had never been in. It is a great little local spot and the Delarom Facial was amazing. Being smaller there aren't a lot of amenities in the space, but it's clean, friendly and nicely appointed. more
    Source: Spa Chasers Member ReviewsPublished on 2016-02-29

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